Friday, June 11, 2010

A Snail Collection

Don't worry, it's just the shells!  Ella has a tendency to want to collect and keep everything she gets her hands on.  She brings home the leftover bits of streamer after a birthday party, she picks up rocks in parking lots, she remembers and loves every stuffed animal she's ever had--even when her mother has long since given them away.  Oh the heartbreak when any of her collected items disappears!

Ella and Grandma have done a bunch of weed pulling the last few days.  Our yard is starting to look like a yard and not so much like an overgrown weed lot, for which I'm extremely grateful.  However, Ella has been collecting snail shells as they've been found, putting them on the outdoor table and then naming them.  Anyone want to guess who Chalky is? Swirly? Mini?

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