Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Part of beach week every year is going to the Boardwalk on cheap night and riding all the rides.  This one got six kids at once which is probably our record for the evening.  It's craziness trying to coordinate twenty-something people of varying ages and still get everyone on all the rides they want.  (Casualties this year include Kellie and me as we didn't get on a single ride.  Giant Dipper, I miss you!) 

This ride was Owen's first of the evening.  He started stomping around and whining while in line, and I thought he'd gotten scared and was wimping out.  Nope, he wanted to go ride the big roller coaster that's right behind this ride.  Grow, Owen, grow, so I can have a roller coaster riding buddy.

The Claire Bear's ride selection is limited, but she enjoyed everything she went on.  And I guess I lied above because we had adults, teens and little kids on this ride.  And also, I went on it, so I guess I did ride a ride, even if I did just stand next to Claire and make sure she didn't dismount while in motion.  I love the Looff Carousel.  I have so many childhood memories of pulling the brass rings and throwing them at the clown mouth. I never made it in.  Oh well, it's the fun that counts.  It's hard for me to believe it will be 100 next year, and I'll have been riding it for a third of that time.

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