Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"I want it like a sandwich!"

Claire's wish is our command.  Waffles, bread, tortillas--if they can be folded, then that's how Claire wants to eat them.  Ironically, they're usually plain, so it's not like being folded in half serves a purpose, though it does seem to make her happy.

Other current Claire quirks include:
A sudden interest in wearing pants (but not shirts) after months of dresses.
Explaining to family members repeatedly that Oscar is a cat and a boy, though we all know that.
Wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and calling them slippers (like Cinderella).
Telling people, "I lost my father," with an incredibly sad and dejected look on her face.
Firmly believing that Andrew is not her father.  He's dad or daddy or dada.  Father is the name of Belle's dad.
Sleeping with her pajamas zipped down to her waist, but no, she won't just sleep in pants.

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