Saturday, April 2, 2011

"That feels me better."

The first few hours of today were pretty normal.  Then Claire asked, "Where are those things you clean your ears with?  I can't find them in your bathroom."

"Do you mean q-tips?  Do you want me to clean your ears?"

"Yes, I can't find them."

We walk in the bathroom, get a few q-tips and I pull Claire's hair behind her ear, only to find giant crusty, ear puss goobers all down the side of her head and in her ear.  

"Claire, does your ear hurt?"

"Yeah, it's an owie ear."

So, yup, major double ear infection with one side possibly ruptured, but too much goo in there to tell.  I should be grateful for no whining and crying, but a little advance warning would be nice.

We went to Target to pick up her prescription and dosed her right there.  Her reply, "Thanks, Mom.  That feels me better now."

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