Sunday, July 31, 2011

Max Meets Grammy

And Grandpa Joe and lots of other relatives, but the pics are all with Grammy.  Max is a fussy little guy, and generally isn't the kind of baby people ooh and aah over and want to keep holding.  He yells and cries and needs constant bouncing in order to stay happy, which makes people nervous (at least when I'm there watching).  But Max was so sweet with Grammy.  His very first meeting he laughed and smiled and laughed while Grammy held him.  One night he sat on Grammy's lap and laughed harder than I've ever seen him laugh.  He was super cute and so was Grammy.  Grandma's Alzheimer's is taking over and she doesn't remember who Max is from one time to the next.  She also is a little bit lost in social situations as it seems hard for her to follow everything that's happening.  So even though she doesn't remember these moments with Max, I was thrilled for her to have them. They brought each other joy and were happy and content, even if it only lasted for a few minutes at a time.  I'll hold onto the memory for them since they can't.

Very first meeting.

Snuggle time.

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  1. Your grandma is great, sorry to hear about the Alzheimer's.