Friday, February 5, 2010

The Ellas and the Floam Cat

Ella is named for my great grandmother Ella. This ceramic cat and kitten tsotchke belonged to my great grandma, and my grandma gave it to me after her death. I didn't really like it or want it, but somehow the kitty ended up in box and was saved for a long time. I found it when Ella was about three and told her it came from the Ella she was named after. My Ella was thrilled. She thinks the cat is beautiful and the kitten is so sweet and on and on. The cats lived on the shelf for another year, until Ella's fourth birthday. She got Floam, and let me tell you, those were some exciting times for a four year old. She Floamed all sorts of things, and then decided her cat needed a blanket to stay warm. It's so hysterical and so incredibly tacky, but it's the perfect mix somehow. Now it lives on the shelf next to the printer. Andrew isn't entirely thrilled that we keep it, but it makes me and Ella smile.

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