Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting my Greens

My good friends have a blog called Herbivore Meals, all about eating a plant based diet. They're both sugar-free vegans, and try to post helpful information for those who are interested in eating the same way or just moving toward a healthier diet. I love my veggies, and I can give up meat, but oh the sugar! Just don't ask me to say good bye to my best friends, Little Debbie and Ben & Jerry! We've been in a strong relationship of mutual support for years, and I just couldn't walk away from that.

Melissa posted a few weeks ago about Main Dish Salads as a great way to get greens into your diet. I love the concept, I completely agree, and I believe it's the perfect way to add some healthy elements to my diet. I immediately thought up this tasty main dish salad. The only thing that's missing is the Diet Pepsi. I just wasn't sure it would work well as a dressing (not quite the right consistency), so decided to have that on the side.

And now comes the really entertaining part. BRYN ATE IT! She told me it looked good, so I told her to have at it. She ate broccoli with whipped cream and Swiss Cake Rolls with spinach. Apparently Melissa really was right!

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  1. It's all in the presentation, right???

    Thanks so much for stopping by Theta Mom! Look forward to blogging with you.