Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dress Like Chester

Ella's school custodian is retiring this year, so they had a school wide "Dress Like Chester" day in his honor.  Chester seems to have been a very beloved character, but the instructions sent home were to dress our children like dorks and send them to school in Chester's honor.  Is it honor or is it mockery at that point?  I'm hoping Chester has a good sense of humor.  I'm guessing he'd have to if he's been an elementary school custodian this long!

So here's Ella wearing her socks pulled (almost) up to her knees, (not quite baggy) denim shorts, tucked in shirt (we don't have scrubs), tennies and baseball cap.  Can you guess whose hat she's borrowing?  We didn't tell Owen, just hid it in the backpack and went with it.

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