Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Stuff about Vomit

I'm trying really hard to look on the positive side of life right now, and it's not working out so well with this stomach bug raging through the house and felling us all.  So in an attempt to choose my attitude, this is my list of good things about vomit.
  1. I didn't have to cook any meals.
  2. Therefore, I didn't have to do any dishes.
  3. Ella threw up, and then had a massive nose bleed all over the living room carpet. No problem since the carpet guys were coming in just a few hours to replace it anyhow.
  4. Claire got sick right when she woke up, so her stomach was empty.  No fun for her, but way less mess for me.
  5. It's the weekend, so no one missed school and there's no school work to make up.
  6. All of my kids took naps. (See poor Ella below, crashing while the carpet guys worked loudly in the other room.)
  7. I took two naps, and I got to do it in my normal bed with the door closed.
It's not really part of the stomach bug, but on another positive note we now have tv, internet, phone and new carpet, so I think we'll reach some normalcy soon.  The kids can move into their bedrooms, furniture can be placed, Claire can watch Elmo.  Life is good.

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