Saturday, May 15, 2010

"I'm Thinking"

Owen wanted his pants snapped, so he came out of the bathroom and pointed at his pants.

Me: Yup, those are your pants.
O: Ugh (frustrated look) and points again.
Me:  Yup, there they are.
O:  My pants aren't snapped, Mom!
Me: Yes, I know.
O:  You're supposed to snap them.
Me:  Then you're supposed to ask me to snap them.
O: No, I just say "mmm" and point at them and then you do it.
Me: No, you just say, "Mom, could you please snap my pants?"
O:  I'm going to think about that.  This is how you think:

Me: (click, click, click)
O:  I'm still thinking about it, and I think you should just snap my pants.
Me:  Ummm, no, you have to ask nicely.
(a few minutes filled with more chin stroking go by)
O: Please snap my pants.
Me: Okay. 

And then I snapped his pants.  Miraculous how that works, huh?

Fast forward to a while later where Owen updated me on the importance of his thinking methods.  "Mom, boys think like this: (chin stroke, chin stroke). Girls think like this: (taps first finger against his temple), so that's what you need to do when you think."  Thanks goodness I keep him around to clue me into these things.

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