Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Biography Day

Can you guess who Ella is?  All month the third graders have been reading biographies.  Then they each picked a character to study in depth.  Today was the day to dress as your character, tell other students about "yourself", and see if they could guess who you're supposed to be.

Jane Goodall and her apes
If you guessed Jane Goodall, you're right!  If you also guessed we don't own a lot of khaki clothes or any fishing vests, you're right about that, too.  I thought my paper bag safari vest wasn't too bad.  Ella liked it, though she did tell me no one else wore a bag for a costume.  Hmmm, guess a little more advance planning would have been a good thing.

My favorite part about Ella's costume is her hair.  She told me when getting ready in the morning, that she had written about Jane Goodall's hair in her report because Jane Goodall only wears her hair in scraggly ponytails and messy buns.  Totally takes a girl to notice that in all the photos and then include such info in her report.

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