Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reality Check

Today we went to the children's hospital and met the cleft coordinator nurse.  I really thought I had a lot of information and had kind of processed everything up to this point, but nope.  Now I'm all freaked out again.  Hands on training for feeding a cleft baby and pictures of actual kids someone knows are somehow much different than reading about it on the internet.  I know these are things parents learn to deal with every day and that this is a fixable and temporary problem, but it still makes me sad to think of my little guy going through all of it.

And also in the reality-based-news-that-I-don't-like category, it snowed today.  I like the daffodils better without the snow.  Owen and Claire just thought the horse was exciting.  You'll also notice O wearing his straw hat on top of his sweatshirt.  He needed to wear it, "so all the people in the hospital that will fix my baby brother know how cool I am, and they will be nice to my brother."  And here I thought Claire was the fashionista!

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