Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pigtails and Peanut Butter

Today is Claire's first day having full pigtails without having to resort to extra clippies and such to keep them in. It's pretty exciting stuff for me, though her take on it was, "Quit squeezing on my hair, Mom.  I'm all done!"

She also got herself dressed today.  That's not so unusual, but today she put on tights (I still have to convince Ella to do it herself!), bloomers, a skirt, a shirt and her shoes.  She was done from head to toe and pretty much correctly.  The bloomers were backwards, but no one sees those, and I'm the mom so I say that doesn't count.  And she got lots of compliments on her outfit at church.  Go Claire!

The peanut butter gets a mention just because she ate a  PBJ and had the best little goofy mess face smile.  Cutest kid ever seems like a reasonable assessment to me.

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