Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gee-gee, Softie, Fuzzy and Pinky

It turns out I didn't take any picture today, but Owen did.  Pretty impressive subject, composition and lighting, right?

This is Owen's blanket named Fuzzy.  Owen's name comes from the Kevin Henkes book, and that Owen has a fuzzy yellow blanket he takes everywhere.  Bryn just had to find Owen a yellow blanket when he was born so he could be like the Owen of the book.  It seems to have worked since he does love his Fuzzy.  

The big girls also have their loveys.  Bryn's is a striped fleece blanket my mom gave her as a baby called Gee-gee.  Ella has her Softie which took her at least a year or so to fall in love with it.  Claire has always slept with a soft blanket, but doesn't have a favorite.  She's recently decided it's not fair that everyone else has a named blanket in their lives, so she's taken to calling her blankets Pinky.  It works well for all of them since they all have pink.  "Pinky is really special to me, so I need to hold it," or, "Pinky is really special so don't let Max drool on it."  I wonder if Max will claim a favorite and name it?

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