Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindergarten Kid

Owen comes home from school with the best kindergarten stories.  There was the bad guy who came into his class and threw pans at his teacher.  O caught the pan, rescued the teacher and chased the bad guy away.  He got paid a dime for this service.  His class also has half time outs.  That's where you put your hand in a box and it magically opens up and sucks you in down a hole.  Then you stay in the bottom of the hole for half an hour.  Half an hour--that's why it's half a time out.  Clearly, we can't quite trust his version of events, so I never know exactly what happened at school. I love the imagination and how interesting he makes things, but I can't wait for volunteer time to start next week so I can get the real scoop on K.

Today was the first treasure box day where they traded in tokens for prizes.  Here's O with his haul, his apple glasses and a pose ("Mom, did you get my elbow in the picture?  Make sure you have my elbow.")

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  1. Hilarious! I wonder where he gets that imagination from? ;-)