Monday, September 19, 2011

A Singular Harvest

This year's garden was a joint project by the grandparents.  My mom planted at Easter.  Then it froze.  Goodbye garden.  Andrew's parents added a few things.  Then some of the frozen things started to grow again.  Then we went to California and left Andrew in charge.  More things died.

In the end, we have a single cabbage, single ear of corn, and single red pepper.

(And lots of tomatoes, but we're just ignoring them since they don't fit the theme.) The cabbage was Ella's pet project.  They sent the kids home with cabbage plants near the end of third grade.   Ella planted it with Grandma and has faithfully watered, fertilized and weeded all around her cabbage all summer.  She's pretty excited that it got so big.



    Check out this story on the large cabbages on the news here. Apparently this is a popular summertime assignment. Glad Ella had fun with it but what I wanna know is what you are going to cook with it? :)


  2. Soup! It's actually past its prime since she wanted it to get bigger and bigger, so we'll have to check if it's still edible.

    It's that same Bonnie plants program as that article.