Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smacky the Pants and Me

I have a habit of creating nicknames for my kids completely at random.  Owen walks by doing something and suddenly he's "O-zee Bozen, the Singy Head" or whatever comes out of my mouth.  It drives Andrew a little crazy, especially when the cat sometimes shares names with the kids.  And sometimes the names stick.  I've been calling Max a few different things: Sugar Smax, Maxer, Maxman, Smacky, and Smacky the Pants.  And if I need it to roll off the tongue just a little bit more than that, he sometimes turns into Smacky the Smackypants.  Try it, it's fun to say, and then maybe you won't judge me quite so harshly.  Besides, it sure beats Fathead the Flathead, which has also been known to come out of my mouth.

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