Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breaking it in

Here are the kids running around in the backyard of what will hopefully be our new home.  This was the first time they've been inside, and we're moving in about a week so it seemed only fair to give them a little heads up.  Owen's big concerns are if we can bring his Snakey, blanket and pillow and if we can bring our big garbage cans.  He was a bit disappointed to find out we'd get new garbage cans with the new house.  I'm always amazed at how kid minds work and where they put the priorities.


  1. I'm so excited for you! Tell me more about the house.

  2. It's bigger (wahoooooo!) I actually don't really love the house, but it does have 5 br, 3.5 baths and will be a better fit for us. I love the neighborhood, the schools, and that we're on a culdesac that's off a looped street, so no traffic.