Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxing Times

In keeping with today being the tax deadline, I'm giving my top 5 taxing items of the day, in no particular order.

The contract on our house fell through.  But of course, we already have a contract on a house we want.  Now we just need someone to buy our current house in the next three days, so we can have a chance of keeping our contract on the house we want, and so we can get the tax credit.  Everything was just too easy the first time.

Also taxing was the number of times I got up and down with the many small children who needed things in the middle of the night.  I realize it's part of the mom job, but sometimes I think the kids get together and plan these things just to see if I'm tough enough to take it.

Bryn had Espanolandia today--the big language competition--and her school won!  Bryn got four superiors and one excellent in her events, so she was quite pleased.   Her parents may be a tad proud, too.  Mentally taxing for her, and taxing for me to get up and get her out the door so much earlier than usual (see above).

Ella went on a field trip to a farm, and came home with a "We Think Mink" activity booklet sponsored by the fur commission.  It's a "positive publishing book" and tries to put mink in the same category of farming as chicken and cattle.  It would really be funny if it weren't being given to small children.  I'm calling for a tax on this tax, stupidity tax, propaganda tax, it all works.

Today was warm and gorgeous, so we spent lots of time outside.  I'd find it taxing to jump this much, but the kids love it.  I know every medical professional in the world warns against trampolines, but the kids have more fun on here than anywhere and it gets the most use of any of their toys and activities.

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