Monday, April 5, 2010

Legoland: The Journey Begins

We have five day passes, so get used to seeing pictures of Legoland for the next little while.  This is Andrew's favorite of the day.

There's also a Lego mom with a baby girl in a stroller.  Bryn and Ella want to know where the two Lego sisters are.

My favorite is Owen on the race course.  I'm glad to see all his hours of Mario Kart on the Wii are having some real life application.  He can weave in and out of other three and four year old drivers, avoid obstacles and achieve some serious laps in these things.  They even gave him a license when he was done.  Now he wants to drive the real car.

Bryn and Ella also showed off their motoring skills but they were on the water.  Kellie and John are brave to ride with them at the helms.


  1. We're headed there in ten days. Is it fun? Do you think my fam will like it? Crossing fingers.

  2. It is geared for the 3-12 year old crowd. If your bigger kids like tame rides, they'll be fine, but if they're looking for real roller coasters, they'll be bored. My kids liked the water play areas the best. Are you staying at Oceanside?