Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here's What Happened Today

8:00  Bother people until they get up, except Claire, who is always up and wanting a) food or b) a dress.

8:45-9:15  Kick Andrew out the door, put Ella on the bus, load up the rest of us and drive the carpool.

9:30-11:45  Clean, clean, clean like crazy because today is the home inspection, appraisal and FHA inspection on our house.  Supposedly no one cares if your house is perfectly clean, but I am not planning to take any chances.  (Plus it really needs it, but don't tell anyone my house was that messy.)  In between cleaning, feed children and turn on Elmo over and over so they stay distracted and don't bother you.

11:45-12:30  Lunch for Owen at Target since he was so helpful all morning and it's his favorite place to eat.  We are some high class foodies around here!

12:30-1:00  Head for the dorms to pick up remarkable cousin Rebecca who is finishing her freshman year and going home for the summer.  Load all her stuff, drive to storage, unload.

1:00-3:00 Drive to the airport and enjoy talking to Rebecca for the first hour.  Pretend to enjoy singing the same two Beach Boys songs over and over with Owen for the second hour.

3:00 Run in the door, turn on lights, open windows, etc for home inspection people who pull up three minutes later.

3:15 Kill time in the grocery store by eating samples and looking for boxes.

3:30 Pick up Bryn.

3:45 Pick up Ella at the bus stop across the street from our own house.  Hope the new owners don't think we're spying on them.

4:00 Mail a package, buy a bean burrito, kill time in Target (again with the free samples and looking for boxes) while inspection is finished.

4:50 Home, change Bryn for soccer, run back out the door while other children all sit in the car and wait.

5:00-6:15 Soccer practice for Bryn.  Playground time for Ella and Owen.  Claire decides to look through a fence at a dog.  We meet the owner and end up with Claire petting the dog, chasing a chicken, feeding a baby goat, and riding a donkey.  Nice strangers are the best.  (Shhh, don't say that to my children.)

6:30-7:15 Children run around outdoors and I sit in the house and stare into space, then go take pictures.  Owen can stand on his head!  Please note Snakey and a happy Ella in the background.

7:15-8:30  Dinner and showers for kids

8:45 Children in bed.  Andrew makes it home at the last minute to say goodnight to the oldest three.

9:00 I am cranky and hungry, especially since Andrew picked up Sonic for him and the children ate all the other food.  Decide to update blog, after checking email, etc.

11:56  Actually update blog after mindlessly blog hopping and making garlic bread for the last three hours.

11:57  Claire starts crying, just when I think I'm going to bed.

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