Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's Obviously the Fourth Child

This doesn't happen to first children, because you keep everything even remotely dangerous or troublesome up high or locked up.  Add three other kids who get things out and down and don't really like to clean up, and that equals a whole lot more trouble for Claire.  Today she has done such exciting things as taking handfuls of cat litter directly from the litter box, putting them into the cat's food bowl, and then eating the litter-sprinkled cat food.  Somehow in between getting her clothes off and her pajamas on, she also enjoyed some art time in Ella's room.  Don't worry, she drew on walls and tables, too.  Why limit yourself to just your own body, when there's so much more canvas available?  And to top it all off, she used a dry erase marker instead of one of those lovely washable crayolas I try so much to only have on hand.


  1. super cute Claire! My favorite part is the one shoe on that is on the wrong foot :)

  2. Yeah, and it's not even hers. This child will be the death of me!