Monday, April 19, 2010

Fluff N Stuff

Ella is one of the sweetest and most easy going people I know.  She's very accommodating and always puts others before herself.  But when she breaks down, she really breaks down.  Today's meltdown was because I gave her a choice of a deli kid's meal or the Pizza Hut snack bar kid's meal.  She didn't know which to pick, wouldn't choose, and I finally told her we were leaving and she didn't get to make a choice, since she'd now lost out on both.  I haven't seen a fit like this since she was two.  I think she even shocked herself.

Fortunately, she has her beloved Fluff the Bunny to help her out when she's feeling down.  Much like she got Snakey for Owen, Bryn got Fluff for Ella.  About five years ago, Bryn found him at a garage sale and proudly used her own money (ten cents!) to buy Ella a gift.  Anything that came from Bryn was a wonder, and Fluff promptly became a best buddy.  Fluff has seen better days.  He's losing fur, looking pretty ratty, and just today has his eyeball scraped against the playground pavement giving him a bit of a cataract, but he is just as much beloved and comforting as he's ever been.

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