Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out Like a Lion

April is a bit confused and trying to roar out like a lion. Apparently, she doesn't know that job belongs to March' and it's IN like a lion, not out like one.  In any case, April is causing me a few difficulties with this chilly weather.  Ella's soccer game was about 40 and rainy.  We have no winter coats since they're all packed, so our spectatorship was from the side window of our illegally parked minivan.  At least Ella had a hidden coat when I packed, so she didn't freeze. Bonus feature: it kind of matches her team color.  See, now I'm impressive instead of that lame mom who won't get out of the car.

Andrew's parents have been hard at work on our back deck and even showed up to build today in the snow.  That's far more dedication than I have, and it's my house that's being sold, not theirs.  They worked until about 10 pm to get it mostly done.  It's a bit hard to pour concrete in weather like this.  I bet they'll think twice before volunteering to do a project for us again.

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